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hiii & welcome~ here u will find tutorials, graphics (pixels, gifs, backgrounds, etc.) and things that will help you make your beautiful creations ^^ i hope to be of help !

updates:12/06/22 i'm back!! + tysm<3333 ppl who used my referral code
11/03/22 resources inactive
15/02/22 added dividers seccion!
23/01/22 theme change again + added chatbox!
07/01/22 theme changes ^^
created:10/12/21 i started working on this crd


i preferred to order this section of pixels by color since i find it more striking and organized, enjoy it~


✦ purple ✦

✦ pink ✦

✦ black ✦

✦ blue ✦

✦ brown ✦

✦ green ✦

✦ yellow ✦


dividers, dividers and more dividers, enjoy it~


i know there are few but soon i will add more, enjoy what there is for now!


✦ GIFS ✦

✦ retro future ✦

✦ others ✦

✦ y2k and glitter ✦


if u want to ask for a tutorial or have any questions, ask me in the chat box or my tellonym here

expand on hover scrollbox
add icons from fontawesome
invisible scrollbar



hello~ i'm ikia or adriana, i use she/her prns, im the creator and admin of this crd ^^retrospring


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expand scrollbox

pro standard

1. copy this code.2. edit the code to your liking.3. done!

pro plus

1. copy this code:<style>
#expand:hover {
-webkit-transform: scale(1.2);
-moz-transform: scale(1.2);
-o-transform: scale(1.2);
2. put it in an embed.3.put #expand on the element ID do you want to expand.4. done!

if u have any questions about how the code works or any things pls let me know


hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me! hover me!

add icons from fontawesome

i personally use fontawesome icons for music players that have play and pause function, like this HERE, but u can use it for other things like here


1. first of all u must create an account at font awesome.2. once your account is created, they will give u a free kit to be able to use their icons.3. entering your kit, a code will appear, that same you must put it in an embed + <head> and </head>4. now select from the page the icon of your preference (available free), the icon will have an HTML code, that code is the one that you will have to copy and paste into your code.5. the icon code is placed between the div id or div class like this:<div class="play"><i class="fas fa-play"></i></div>
<div class="pause"><i class="fas fa-music"></i></div>
6. done!


invisible scrollbar

method 1

1. copy this code.2. edit the scrollbox to your liking.3. done!

method 2

1. copy this code:::-webkit-scrollbar{
width: 0px;
height: 0px;
background: rgba(255, 255, 255,0);
background: transparent;
2. put it in an embed.3. when u put this code, all scrollboxes in your carrd will have an invisible scrollbar.4. done!